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Your Partner in the Crypto Revolution

As we navigate towards the next crypto bull market, our expertise and strategic investments are positioned to explore untapped potential, with the goal of delivering market-leading returns for our investors.

Welcome to Black Alpha Capital 

Embracing the decentralized future of Crypto and its limitless potential, we acknowledge the vast opportunities within the crypto market, accompanied by its inherent high volatility. Our objective is to maximize the upside while mitigating risk through strategic diversification across a selected portfolio of crypto assets and investments in promising startups.

Investment Strategy

Our strategies are designed to capture unfolding opportunities of the future. We hold our finger on the pulse of the crypto market while actively supporting the ecosystem and visionary crypto builders.


Diversified Portfolio

Our portfolio is strategically distributed across verticals that we believe will play a significant role in the upcoming crypto cycle.


Early-Stage investments

As an integral part of our strategic approach, we acquire stakes in emerging crypto projects poised to lead the next wave of innovations


Ecosystem Partnerships

Our activities involve providing liquidity to DeFi projects, investing in crypto accelerators, and adding value to our projects through an investment in a crypto recruitment company.

Our Portfolio

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